Good Reasons to Consider Epic

Epic Practice Management products and EMRs offered through Kettering Health Network’s Symphony Community Connect Program

  1. Provides the highest level of clinical integration available.

    Broad sharing of clinical information is the major advantage of using an Epic EMR in our community through Symphony Community Connect. This mean no more lost time waiting for faxed reports, or in trying to sort out sketchy patient descriptions of medications they are taking prescribed by another provider, or vague details about previous health care events. Information such as lab results, allergies, diagnoses, surgery reports & surgery history, medications, immunizations, imaging results, and emergency department visits, is available to all physicians using any Epic product through Kettering Health Network. Sharing of clinical information provides optimal quality and integration in patient care while helping to reduce unnecessary services and cost. Individual physician effectiveness improves with better clinical information at the point of service. We call this the One Patient, One Record Advantage.

    Through Epic Everywhere, you can simply request information from other Epic facilities besides Kettering Health Network whether the facility is in your own back yard or across the US, and even in many foreign countries. If your patient has an Epic record anywhere, you can ask to see important clinical information pertaining to them.

    Through Epic Anywhere, you can request important clinical information of patients with data housed in participating non-Epic systems. This kind of data exchange makes the dream of patient data sharing for optimal patient care a reality, while taking care to employ the deepest security approach available.

  2. Brings award-winning practice management and EMR software to the practice at an extremely affordable cost through Kettering Health Network, a name you know and trust.

    Epic software for the practice can only be purchased as stand-alone software for a physician practice of 100 or more providers. Through a partnership between Epic and Kettering Health Network, KHN can offer even solo providers, the use of this award-winning software. This is the same product, Kettering Health Network has selected for its own physician practices to use. Best of all, by using the ASP approach, it won’t break the (your) bank! Set up an account today to see the extremely affordable cost of the Epic products for your practice.

  3. Gives the practice physician-developed, high-productivity tools such as Chart Review, Best Practice Alerts, SmartPhrases, SmartText and SmartSets to improve productivity

    Epic tools for optimizing workflow are among the industry’s most notable. They are designed to make documenting in an electronic medical record, as streamlined as possible. Further, this approach provides valuable standardization in clinical practice. Any EMR from any vendor will represent a learning curve for you. That is why Epic employs physicians who have actually practiced in the real world, to develop these kinds of productivity tools. For example, SmartSets brings together standard work flow approaches around a common medical condition such as GERD or hypertension. Tasks such as, identifying a diagnosis, ordering tests & medications, charting and level of service selection are all grouped together to keep keystrokes at a minimum. SmartSets suggestions are triggered by chief complaints or existing diagnosis. Also, Preference Lists, which comes as a standard, can be personalized by the provider on the fly for frequently ordered referrals, tests or medications. Through the Chart Review tool, you can filter on past visits based on a variety of factors to quickly review courses of treatments, previous tests, lab results and more. No more calling the medical records or ancillary department at the hospital looking for results!

  4. Offers the fullest range of high quality practice software products that have been designed for optimal end-to-end operational and clinical results.

    Kettering Health Network is proud to offer the full range of products for revenue cycle activities as well as clinical tasks. We offer EpicCare revenue cycle products for practices who what a more robust scheduling, registration and billing system. Further, we have partnered with Navicure, a practice claims processing & insurance verification service vendor to offer these services as Add-On options. Rather than simply extending products designed for the large hospital environment, we specifically selected add-on products, and vendors with deep practice experience. We also offer as add-ons, scanning, faxing, extended service, insurance verification and more. Once you have set up an account, you can log-in to learn more about these and other options that offer you a complete practice operations solution.

48 Hours Installation Process

The 48 Hours Installation Process

48 Hours Installation Process

ASP Model

ASP Model

ASP Model

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